We risk environmental catastrophes by ignoring what we put into the oceans. 

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A survey analysis of heavy metals bio-accumulation in internal organs of sea shell animals affected by the sustainable pollution of antifouling paints used for ships anchored at some domestic maritime spaces

Published in China Science Bulletin, 2008
By WANG JunLian1 et al

“Some samples of sea shell animals stuck and multiplied on the bottom (beneath the seawater) coated with antifouling paints were collected at some domestic maritime spaces, and… Continue reading

Diuron factsheet

Published in Pesticides News No. 67, March 2005

Diuron is a common ‘booster biocide’ in anti-fouling paints.

“Diuron is a non-selective herbicide mainly used to control weeds on hard surfaces. Its principal breakdown product 3,4-dichloroaniline is more toxic… Continue reading