We risk environmental catastrophes by ignoring what we put into the oceans. 

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AntiFoulings add microplastic danger to oceans

Following the widespread international concern over the effects of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, a new report published by the International Maritime Organisation suggests that anti-fouling hull coatings may be an overlooked source of particularly dangerous microplastics.

Anti-fouling coatings… Continue reading

Sex-change snails still found in Arctic seas

THE ARCTIC website reports on work at St Petersburg State University showing the continuing effects or organotins, assumed to originate from ship hull anti-fouling.

Wikigreen has previously reported that, despite the International Maritime Organisation’s 2008 ban on organotins, dibutyl tin… Continue reading

Anti-Fouling 101

What is anti-fouling? Should we be using it? Are there better ways to do the job?
See our short video here:

Greenwash brings toxins back to European ports

Widely enforced bans on the underwater cleaning of ships with anti-fouling coatings, a major cause of both invasive marine species and toxic pollution around harbours, are being eroded in many European ports. The loosening of controls opens the door to… Continue reading

Gender-Bending chemicals back in the food chain

“Biocide-free” hull paints “tainted by tin” betray climate change campaign

The respected shipping trade magazine Fairplay reports in its current issue on further research into the presence of organotin biocides in commercial ship hull coatings.

“Dibutyltin (DBT), is 
being… Continue reading

An introduction to anti-fouling – video

Anti-fouling is a toxic time-bomb of accumulating poison in the oceans.

The latest estimate suggests a volume of biocide equivalent to 9 St. Paul’s Cathedrals is being dumped in the oceans every year. See the introduction to anti-fouling video here: