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Hong Kong to adopt Anti-Fouling Convention

The Kong Kong Government of Hong Kong plans to implement the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships (AFS Convention), according to a note published to ship owners, operators, masters, classification societies and shipbuilders.

The Anti-Fouling Convention came into effect in most areas of the world in 2008, and prohibits the use of organotin compounds in anti-fouling systems of ships. The tin compounds, principally Tributyl tin, had been the key ingredient in anti-fouling paints since the 1960’s, but were found to be the cause of reproductive failures in key species of marine flora and fauna. Once implemented, the ban will apply to both Hong Kong registered ships, wherever they are, and to ships within the Hong Kong waters. Hong Kong ships over 400 gross tonnes that travel internationally will need to keep a valid International Anti-Fouling System Certificate onboard. A date for implementation has not yet been announced.

[See the AFS Convention – International Maritime Organisation]

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